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 Welcome to the Beauvoir school page. Here are some recent Buddy Bison stories, images, videos and creations sent in by Beauvoir students.



December 2013

A Reading from the “First Book” of Buddy – Storytime with Beauvoir

Last week, I was invited to read Buddy Bison Goes to a Park to 70 kindergarteners from Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School in Washington D.C. (This book was illustrated by my friends at Chester Community Charter School, PA) They laughed and giggled as I retold the story of my first park visit. My adventure sparked another aspiring author; Nicky who told me about the time she went to Yellowstone National Park:

I went to visit the Yellowstone Park with my parents, my sister and my grandparents. I saw bison, buffalos, and lots and lots of trees. We drove through the park and took pictures of the things we saw. It was a huge park and we got to see lots of places. My family and I had so much fun.

All of my books are available online but there is one catch – YOU have to provide the illustrations! Click here to access all five stories. Send us your illustrated books and we might feature you in our next newsletter.

September 2013

Buddy Visits The Grand Canyon & Zion National Park

I went to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park with my family and Buddy Bison.  I saw lots of elk in the fields next to our cabin in the park.  The view was fantastic and I loved it.  When I looked down from the top down on the Grand Canyon it felt awesome. When I was in Zion I saw the emerald pools that had such blue water with a rock in the middle under the water that looked like a giant clam. Buddy had a great time traveling with us.

Rachel 2nd grade




Buddy Visits Alaska and the Iditarod!

michael on sledOn Thursday, Feb 28, 2013 Buddy and I flew to Alaska at night.  We did not get to our hotel until 3:00 am-that is 7:00 am in Washington.  On Friday March 1, Buddy and I went skiing at Alyeska.  Later that night my cousin Oliver and I went to a hockey game.  We got to sit on the glass. Buddy liked to watch the Anchorage Aces win.  On Saturday, Buddy and I went to the start of the Iditarod.  Buddy liked to see all the dogs.  Buddy liked to ride on the dog sled and so did I.  on Sunday, Buddy and I went skiing at Alyeska on different runs.  Later that day, Buddy and I went to see my aunt and uncle.  On Monday, Buddy and I went to the University of Alaska Museum.  We saw a wooly mammoth skull and tusk. Later that day, Buddy and I went to North Pole, Alaska.  We saw four reindeer.  We also went to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  It is 800 miles long.  On Tuesday, Buddy and I flew home.

 By Michael (2nd grade)




Rocky Mountain National Park


I went with my family to Denver, Colorado and we went to see the Rocky Mountain National Park. We visited it during Thanksgiving and it was very cold and icy. There were a lot of trees and I had a chance to walk around the Bear Lake. Next to the lake there were many rocks to climb on. The park is very mountainous with many hiking trails. I had a great time with Buddy Bison going on some of the trails.

By Theo, 2nd Grade




Buddy Bison Adventures

I went camping with my friends.  The first thing I did was went to a hike.  We saw so many rockhills.  My friend Sofia wanted to climb them so we did.  It was so much fun.  Buddy thought it was fun too! We loved the tope even though I thought it was hard to get up.  We also hiked in waterfalls.  It was beautiful! Daddy setup our tent.  We made a fire to cook hotdogs and to roast marshmallows.  It was so windy when we were sleeping because the Frankenstorm was coming.  In the morning we woke up and started cleaning up our tent because we wanted to be cleaned up before it rained.  We sat by the fire and had fruit muffins.  I played with my friends a little longer before going home.

Katie, 2nd Grade 


Cunningham Falls

I went camping at Cunningham Falls State Park. I went on a hike and went climbing on the rocks to the waterfalls. We cooked hotdogs and roasted marshmallows over the campfire with Buddy Bison. I liked my first time camping.

By Ryan in Kindergarten 

MAY 2012

Beauvoir's Kindergartners Raise Pennies for the Parks

Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary Schoolin Washington, DC invited me to their Flea Market, which benefited their "Pennies for the Parks" program. I was very impressed by the young salesmen and saleswomen! The students had booths set up where they were selling plants, grasses and crafts that they spent plenty of time growing and creating.

Unfortunately, bison are not allowed to use real money. If we were, I would have bought everything the students were selling! It was a good thing there were plenty of parents at the flea market. They purchased many of the students creations. The money that was made during the event was donated to help preserve parks. Thanks to the kindergartener's extra hard work, the National Park Trust will be able to use this money to make sure our nation's parks continue to be protected so we all can enjoy them.


APRIL 2012

Beauvoir, Buddy and a Bunch of Sharks!

Last month, I visited the National Aquarium in Washington, DC with the Pre-K Penguins from Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School. The students and I had a great time learning all about sharks and other sea creatures like seahorses, alligators, and snakes. We were excited to return to Beauvoir and share all that we learned on the trip!


 March 2012 

Buddy Bison's Adventurers of the Month – Sonia and Devin from Beauvoir Elementary School in Washington, DC

For the first time I have selected two Adventurers of the Month!

Congratulations to Sonia (age 8) and Devin (age 5), siblings who attend Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School in Washington, DC – one of our Buddy Bison schools. Their family recently took an amazing trip to Kauai, one of the islands of Hawaii. To read what Sonia had to say about the trip and learn more about their adventure, click here.

Adventures on Assateague Island

 By Alison (and her mom and dad)

Assateague1In March Buddy the Bison took a trip with me to Assateague Island in Virginia. We had many adventures together as we hiked and biked and drove around on the island. Buddy's favorite activity was biking. He just loved it. One day we biked for an hour! Buddy saw a lot of wild ponies- those were his favorite. We also saw lots of water, ducks and many kinds of birds while we were there. As we walked along the beach Buddy and I found a few sea shells, but it was freezing so we did not spend too much time doing that.

Assateague2Another fun thing was the hike we took to the lighthouse. We followed the trail and Buddy and I got to lead the way. When we got to the lighthouse we were a little disappointed because the lighthouse was closed so we could not go inside. The good news was there was lots of information to read outside and it was a beautiful day. The lighthouse sure is a tall building. Next time we visit Assateague I hope we can go inside.

Assateague3Buddy really helped me as I worked to complete tasks to become a Junior Ranger. After I finished all six activities and answered some safety questions I took the Junior Ranger pledge and was given my very own badge. This was very exciting and I love the badge I earned.

Buddy and I sure did have a nice spring break together. It was so much fun exploring a new place.


Buddy at the Space Shuttle Landing - Washington DC

Second grade class went to see the space shuttle with Buddy Bison!

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