Brooklyn Jesuit Prep

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April 2014

Clay Pit Ponds State Park, New York


These 6th graders from Brooklyn Jesuit Prep really found out how wild their city could be while visiting Clay Pit Ponds State Park on Staten Island, NY. They turned over logs looking for insects, tromped through the mud on the trials, and found out what a pond ecosystem is all about. More photos here!

May 2013

Fort Wadsworth, NY

50bfa2bd96693-104_0270This year's trip to Fort Wadsworth was full of excitement. Students got to fire cannons, go back in time to when the fort was a marketplace and learn about recycling. their adventures are written here, and their artwork is in this gallery.


APRIL 2013

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Indiana DunesOn April 6th Brooklyn Jesuit Prep went to the Brooklyn Bridge to learn about biotic and abiotic factors near the shore. They got to touch crabs, seaweed and play football. To read about their adventures click here. To see drawings they made about the trip click here.


MAY 2012

Fort Wadsworth, NY

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep, a middle school located in Crown Heights, went to Fort Wadsworth and explored with Buddy the Bison. This group of fifth graders had a great time learning about the park itself and its conservation efforts.




New York Schools Attend the North Face Explore Your Parks Event

On October 8th our Buddy Bison schools in New York, Brooklyn Jesuit Prep participated in The North Face Explore Your Parks event held at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park. National Park Trust is a partner for these events, which are occurring all over the country.
Students and their parents had a wonderful time together, going on nature hikes and even spotting a pack of deer – which a few families had never seen before! The students also played disc golf, met with park naturalists, learned which items are necessary on a camping trip, and stopped by a fitness station run by Buddy Bison Ambassador Mark Jenkins.
You can use this tool provided by the North Face to locate a park near you!