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  • For the past three decades, NPT has supported and assisted in acquiring inholdings and in developing public and private partnerships to promote the acquisition and protection of parks, wildlife refuges, historic landmarks, public lands, and waterways.

  • The future of our nation's treasured parks, public lands and other open spaces rests in the hands of our youth. Through NPT's widely respected and rapidly growing kids to parks initiatives and Buddy Bison youth education program, everyone will be provided with the American Park experience they deserve.

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January 2014

Exploring the Neighborhood with Beacon Heights

Exploring your neighborhood or backyard is the easiest way to get outdoors and that is exactly what I did with 5th graders from Beacon Heights Elementary School in Riverdale Park, MD last month. We hiked to their neighborhood park, Glenridge Recreation Center, where we identified trees, made seasonal observations, and cleaned up the park. We identified five different trees and collected over 16 bags of trash from the trails and grounds.

"When we all went to the park it was fun but there was a lot of trash so we had to clean. It was fun because we helped...It would be cool if we went back to the park every week so we could could keep it clean" - Michaca 5th grade

Our thanks to PEPCO for their sponsorship of Beacon Heights!

October 2013

Welcome Beacon Heights Elementary!

We welcomed Beacon Heights Elementary (Riverdale, MD) into our Where’s Buddy Bison Been?®environmental education program last month. I visited the school to surprise the 5th grade students about our new partnership. They were very excited!

"The Buddy Bison program will provide my 5th graders a chance to go out in their neighborhood to learn about nature. This will be a first experience for many of the students to canoe or to take a nature hike.- Stephen Biller, 5th grade science teacher

We are very grateful for the generous adopt-a-school sponsorship from Pepco.

Read about their first park adventure below.

October 2013

Buddy Bison Students Paddle, Paddle, Paddle

Even though the federal government was shutdown, that did not stop more than 500 Buddy Bison students representing 10 schools from exploring their local watersheds in the Washington, D.C. area and in Chester, PA thanks to our wonderful partner, Wilderness Inquiry (WI). WI brought six, 24-foot voyager canoes all the way from Minneapolis, MN stopping at 17 major cities along the way. Buddy Bison students were able to paddle with them on the Anacostia River at Bladensburg Waterfront Park in Prince George’s County, MD and on the Delaware River at Barry Bridge Park, PA. They learned about native wildlife and plants, the importance of keeping our rivers clean, and also about water safety. We raced on the water until our arms were tired!