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Buddy Bison Creations

Crafting Park Icons


Bullis students posing with their dioramas.

Our friends from the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland have been busy in 2013.

The third-grade students had the opportunity to combine their love of science and art in a unique diorama project that was displayed at The North Face Georgetown's store in Washington, D.C. and featured in The Gazette newspaper!  The students' dioramas highlighted their favorite features of the national parks.

Click here to see the dioramas!

Thank you to The North Face Georgetown store for welcoming our Buddy Bison art work! 


 Buddy Bison Seamstress

I am a really good sewer and I guess Mrs. Cohen knew that too. I was just walking through the hall and then I saw Mrs. Cohen. She asked me if I could sew a Buddy Bison for her and she would take a picture of it and send it to the Buddy Bison website. I said yes.

When I got home I told my mom and dad about the project and they loved it. 

My mom started to find a sewing pattern for a bison. She found the pattern, but it took a few weeks to arrive.  When the sewing pattern finally came, me and mom found out what fabric we needed. So we went to the fabric store and got the fabric.
When we got home, we started to cut out the pieces. We noticed that some of the fabric was too stretchy, and stretchy fabric is really hard to sew. So my dad and I went back to the fabric store and got the right fabric.

Finally we got to sew and the sewing pattern was really hard, so my dad helped me a whole lot with the bison.

Then after we stitched our last stitch and sewed on our last button, we were finally done.
So the next day I brought in the bison and showed Mrs. Cohen and she was so happy and I was happy too.

-Rachel 5th Grade

Get to Know 2012 Contest Entries 

 Mark's drawing of tiger.  Jacob's drawing of a dolphin  Elizabeth's drawing of a tree.

 Bullis Students perform Buddy Bison Play "Get out"


The third graders at The Bullis School in Potomac, MD acted out the Buddy Bison play "Get Out" by Rob Cohen. Mr. Cohen was in attendance for the play. It was the first time it had ever been performed by actors and actresses! Three different people played me, Buddy Bison. As a bison, I don't know too much about acting, but from what I saw I think everyone in the play deserves an award!

Buddy Bison book Illustrated by Bullis Third Graders

The front cover illustrated by the Bullis 3rd grade
The front cover illustrated by the Bullis 3rd grade students.

Recently, the third graders from the Bullis School in Potomac, MD illustrated a story (written by Rob Cohen) about Buddy Bison called “Buddy Bison: In Search of Volcanoes”. The story follows Buddy as he travels through Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Click here to read the story and see all the wonderful illustrations done by the third graders from Bullis!

How much do you know about volcanoes? Did you know there are still active volcanoes in the United States? Click here to learn more about these fiery mountains!

bullisletters Buddy Bison Letters





Buddy Bison: In Search of Volcanoes

The third grade class at Bullis has also been busy narrating the story "Buddy Bison: In Search of Volcanoes" written by Rob Cohen. Click here to listen to the narration and see the wonderful illustrations!


National Kids to Parks Day 2011

Buddy Bison ABC Book



August 2013

Pennies for Parks: Buddy Bison students have a far reach!

Handcrafted bracelets were made and sold by 3rd-grade students at the Bullis School, MD to benefit their Pennies for Parks Fund. Together, these 18 artists sold 65 bracelets. What a great way to raise money for a park stewardship project!

The class voted to donate their resources to the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary in St. Paul, MN to help fund the construction of a new outdoor classroom where local St. Paul children will be able to enjoy fun, hands-on learning in this urban park near the Mississippi River. I love seeing kids helping other kids enjoy our open spaces. This park is located over 1,000 miles away from their school in Potomac, MD!

Thank you Bullis 3rd-grade students for being wonderful ambassadors for our parks! We look forward to sharing photos of the classroom when it is completed this fall.

This project will also be supported by generous gifts from the 3M Foundation and the McNeely Foundation in partnership with the Lower Phalen Creek Project and National Park Trust. 

MAY 2012

Locust Grove Trip  

Locust Grove

Last week the third grade went to Locust Grove for a field trip. We all went in a stream to help the environment, cleaning all the trash so it won't go in the Potomac River and kill animals and fish. We also dod planting and weeding. The whole third grade had the most fun ever when we got wet and dirty in the stream. It was super.

By Lily Bernstein and Demi Fragoyannis

January 2013

Julian's C&O Canal NP Trip

Last Saturday, I took Buddy Bison for a beautiful walk at Great Falls, MD. These are some pictures from our adventure! We hope to come here again soon, and I will make sure to bring Buddy Bison along!

Here we are on the towpath between the C & O Canal and a small arm of the Potomac River.  It was a sunny and warm day
This is the canal boat called Charles E. Mercer. They used to have mules pull the boat up the canal to transport coal and wood. Nowadays, people can take a tour on it in the spring and summer to see how it used to be.  I'm sure Buddy would love to do that one day!
This is a map of the C & O Canal and the beginning of the Great Falls Overlook path, which is one of my favorites!
This photo was taken on a bridge across an arm of the Potomac River! The water was extremely high! It made us dizzy to look down on it because it was so fast and wild!
The Great Falls!!  I was scared that I would drop Buddy into the raging water! I had never seen the falls so high before!!  I couldn't even see most of the rocks!!



October 2012

Bullis Third Grade Trip to the Arboretum

  Last Thursday, the third grade went to the Arboretum to see bonsai plants and herbs. First we went to the herb garden. At the garden we saw roses, herbs, peppers and water plants. We saw many herbs that we cook with, and many herbs that have a strong scent. We also got to taste many herbs. Afterwards we saw ten different types of peppers and rose bushes. Some had a strong scent; others not so much. We went to the Youth Garden next. At the Youth Garden, we tasted vegetables and honey. They were delicious! Then we saw the bonsai plants. They were so cool! Did you know that Bonsai plants have to get trained? They get trained with wires. How? They attach the wires to the branches and they bend the wire to the side. I had a great time with my friend Maya on the trip!

Julia Evans and Maya McBride


Bullis enjoys Fall at the Falls

In Washington, DC, the summer heat can be unbearable, especially when wearing wool!

Luckily, the fall temperature brought a great opportunity for me to cool down and do a stream clean-up with our Buddy Bison partner,  Bullis School, at Locust Grove. We had the chance to give back to the park and learn about the importance of watersheds to our ecosystem.

While the 3rd grade students were at Locust Grove, the 4th grade picnicked at Great Falls National Park in Northern Virginia. The rapids on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia make up this national park which is only a few miles from Washington, DC. 

MAY 2012 

Third Graders from The Bullis School Put on a Show

The Bullis School in Potomac, MD acted out the Buddy Bison play "Get Out" by Rob Cohen. Mr. Cohen was in attendance for the play. It was the first time it had ever been performed by actors and actresses! Three different people played me, Buddy Bison. As a bison, I don't know too much about acting, but from what I saw I think everyone in the play deserves an award!

National Kids to Parks Day- My Proudest Moment


My proudest moment this year was when the proposal I wrote for Park Trust's National Contest, was one of the winning proposals. I had to write about everything we needed and the prices for the trip. I became very excited when I heard that our school was one of the winners. That was one of the proudest things that happened to me this year.


APRIL 2012

Teton National Park

Julia and Buddy celebrate her tenth birthday at Teton National Park.


Kenai Fjords National Park, AK

September 2011

Kenai-FjordsOver the summer, Kyra – a third grade student at Bullis School in Potomac, MD – brought me along on her trip to Kenai Fjords National Park, AK. I had a great time and I would like to thank Kyra for sending some very nice pictures!







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