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APRIL 2013

Mahoney State Park

.Have you ever been to Mahoney State Park? The whole fifth grade at my school went! It was so fun! We got to on the observatory tower. It was really high up, so we got a great view. We also went on a hike and saw the Platte River and cool plants and trees. Then we went inside for lunch. After lunch we got to pet a box turtle (tortoise), two bearded dragons from Australia, and two snakes. At the end of the trip we got back on the bus :(, but only to go to the giant, awesome playground at Mahoney :)! It had a giant web dome to climb on. A super awesome slide and monkey bars and those tunnels all in one. And a big thing that you sat on and held on to the bar and spun around really fast, it made you really dizzy. What I am really trying to say is you should definitely go to Mahoney State park at least once, if not more!

By, Tori

It was an exciting moment for me. Do you know why because I was going on a buddy bison field trip. When I got to Mahoney State Park I saw some interesting stuff there like learning about plants and animals on our nature hike, I learned about reptiles on our reptile class, and we went to the limits and went to the top of the observation tower. After we had fun on the playground. With all this fun stuff happening in front of me I can’t believe it. This by far was the best field trip ever.

By, Jared


Everglades National Park

IMG_0737The Everglades National Park in Florida was like a water park. My nose wanted to kick the horrible smells out , some things were loud, things also felt weird, and the food was amazing.
When I first got into the Everglades National Park water was all over the park. Also, the water was murky like the Missouri River. Grass and trees were growing in the water. When we were getting our tickets for the airboat tour an alligator popped its head right out of the water it looked like a rock with eyes. It frightened me a bit. The park smelled weird because of the alligators. It smelled like someone cut the cheese.
The airboat tour I did just smelled like fresh water because of the giant fan it had. The airboat was so loud it's louder than a race car VROOM VROOM. It was so loud we had to wear earplugs. The airboat was white That said "Everglades with the number 4. The big fan was just a giant air conditioner in a cage to me. Also, when we were out there you could see grass, trees, and water as far as the eye can see. When we were getting back from the tour a alligator hit our boat hard BANG. I was glad that the alligator didn't jump on the boat or something.

In the park there was a alligator I got to hold it felt squishy as slime, on the top of the baby alligator it had little spicks and the bottom it felt so squishy like a snake. I thought the alligator didn't smell because I already got used to the smell of the park.

Later that day I went to a restaurant that had gator bites. I was told that the gator bites were the fat in the alligator's tail and that sounded yummy. The gator bites I thought it was just popcorn chicken but the ones I ate were deep fried for 72 hours. The gator bites tasted like popcorn chicken but more fried and a taste I just can not describe. The gator bites were bumpy as rocks but fried. Also, the gator bites were as orange as the Cleveland browns helmet.

IMG_0707When my family was taking a break I walked down to look at the chinese alligator. But on the other side I saw a 7 foot alligator about 9 feet away from me.
My heart exploded with fear it felt like I was lunch to the alligator. But at the same time I thought it was cool because i've never been that close to a big alligator before. I still backed away from it slowly because I thought that the alligator was going to pounce on me. When I was walking away I heard it making rumbling noises GRRROOWWWWLLLLLL. A little while later we were walking around but something caught my eye like a hook. I took a closer look and a alligator was in the shade. That scared me just like being trapped in an alley with ak 47s my mom shouted "Let's Get Out Of Here".
When we were leaving the park our bus driver had some bread and said "I have to do something". Then he went near the water and a big alligator jumped up and grabbed the bread. I thought he was a gonner but he said the alligator was used to him.

As you can see the Everglades National Park is a lot of fun and it has danger. So if you go to the Everglades have fun and don't get eaten.

MAY 2012

The Young Explorers of Longfellow Elementary School 

Last month, thanks to Caesars Entertainment and their HERO volunteers, I was able to join the fourth graders from Longfellow Elementary School in Council Bluffs, IA on their field trip to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. The park, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska, was one of the landing sites during the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804. Lewis and Clark were famous American explorers – the first to chart the northwestern part of our country and reach the Pacific Ocean.

The students of Longfellow learned about the exciting and sometimes dangerous journey of Lewis and Clark. They practiced the skills an explorer of that time needed, like writing with a quill pen and being able to draw pictures of newly discovered species of animals. The students were also taught about the importance of the Missouri River, both for the Lewis and Clark Expedition and to the Midwest. A favorite part of the trip was walking across the Missouri River on the brand new pedestrian bridge which connects Iowa and Nebraska. The students stood in the middle of the bridge and observed the river from above. A short time later, they took a river boat cruise which brought them underneath the very same bridge they had been standing on!   

Here's what some of the students had to say about their adventure:

"We learned that Lewis and Clark were sent on a military mission and the map they were given had a big blank on it so as they explored they filled it while they traveled. They journaled on their way but since they did not have pencils or pens they made ink and used feathers." - Jasmine

"I'd like to thank the park rangers for teaching us about Lewis and Clark and the Native Americans. Did you know that a woman can put up a tepee in 30 minutes?" - Kaden

"I think this was the best field trip ever. I can't wait to go back again." - Michael 

Lewis and Clark Monument Park in Council Bluffs, Iowa

When I went to Lewis and Clark Monument I learned a lot of things. One thing I learned about was where Lewis and Clark traveled. I also found out that president Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on a journey in the year of 1803. I learned a lot new things from the monument. It was really fun and I saw a lot of interesting things and also took some pictures with the Buddy Bison.


 lewisandclarktaylorsmall3  lewisandclarktaylorsmall2