• Our mission is to preserve parks today and create park stewards for tomorrow. Since 1983, we have completed more than 100 park projects in 33 states. Furthermore, to foster future park enthusiasts and stewards, we created our Buddy Bison School Program and Kids to Parks Day, our nationwide day of play. This video summarizes our work and celebrates the 2015 Bruce F. Vento Public Service Award recipient, Senator Rob Portman (OH).

    Mapping our progress


  • Since 1983, NPT has supported and assisted in acquiring inholdings and in developing public and private partnerships to promote the acquisition and preservation of parks, wildlife refuges, historic landmarks, public lands, and water ways. We have completed more than 100 park projects benefiting 49 national park units and other public lands in 33 states. To learn more about about our work and how you can get involved, contact Dick Ring, NPT Park Projects Director.

  • Buddy Bison School Program: Because Kids Need Parks and Parks Need Kids

    The Buddy Bison school program was created in 2009 to engage diverse children from Title I schools with their local, state and national parks to teach environmental education and the numerous benefits of outdoor recreation. If parks are to survive, the face of those parks must change and under-served communities must have access to these local cultural and environmental resources. More than 80% of the students in the Buddy Bison school program qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch, predominantly in inner city communities. This program has been used in 60 schools across the country in grades pre-K through 8th in public, public charter and private schools across the country (20 states and Washington D.C.).

    This experiential learning program enhances existing school curricula throughout the year with emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as well as history, language arts, reading, geography, the arts, and outdoor recreation. Students also learn about the careers of professionals who support our parks-- and the importance of stewarding our public lands. And in addition to bringing kids to parks, we bring parks to kids by arranging schools visits from our many conservation partners.

    To learn more about how you can get involved, contact Billy Schrack, NPT Education Director.

MAY 2011

National Presbyterian Kindergarten Visits Daingerfield Island 

One of our schools in Washington, D.C. was nice enough to share this note with me, and I wanted to share it with you. It really shows how great it is to be a Buddy Bison school!

"Thank you Kindergarten Team for such a fantastic field trip today! I love how you have embedded service learning in to the science curriculum, combining inquiry, nature, Buddy Bison, stewardship, and service. The activities that the children did today - tree-planting, "Mystery bags" and journaling, leaf rubbings, and the little hike - were age-appropriate extensions of your excellent class work. The students enjoyed being outside in a National Park on such a beautiful warm, sunny day, picnicking on the grass and frolicking in the meadow. The kindergarteners were well prepared for the activities, asked thoughtful questions, and were outstanding representatives of National Presbyterian School." — Dot King, Lower School Principal

 APRIL 2012

Buddy Bison Teaches Students about Hedgehogs in this New Story!

A National Presbyterian School (Washington, DC) student, with help from her teacher, wrote a neat new story about Buddy Bison getting a new job at theMuseum of Natural History.  In the story, Buddy Bison has to teach students about hedgehogs.  Along the way, he learns a lot and so do the students.  You can read some of the story below.

Buddy Bison and the Museum of Natural History

Buddy Bison has a new job at the Museum of Natural History. There is only one problem, He doesn’t know anything about his exhibit and he has to teach others about it.

The exhibit is about…Hedgehogs! Buddy wonders what to do.  What can he tell people about hedgehogs?  Buddy realizes that he doesn’t know anything about hedgehogs.  This is a problem!

He wonders:

1.    Where do they live?

2.    What color are hedgehogs?

3.    What do they eat?

4.    What is so special about hedgehogs?


Buddy Bison Makes a New Friend, a Story, by National Presbyterian School Students

Students from National Presbyterian School in Washington, D.C. have created a wonderful powerpoint detailing a story of their own creation about Buddy Bison! 

Katia, Caroline, Sophia, Marley, Gigi and Mrs. King describe Buddy Bison’s first play date with a new friend, Daisy in “Buddy Bison Makes a New Friend.”

  OCTOBER 2010

NationalPresbyterian Schooland Buddy Bison Take Two Trips Already!

Though school just started a month ago, Buddy Bison has already visited Echo Hill Camp with National Presbyterian School 5th and 6th graders AND Homestead Farms with three kindergarten classes. At Echo Hill Buddy Bison also made it to the zip line!

If that wasn’t enough fun, students and teachers at the school joined forces to create a school power point presentation that was shown at an assembly highlighting Buddy Bison’s Summer Adventures (which can also be seen on Buddy Bison’s website)!


Remembering Haiti’s Earthquake and Forests

So many of us watched news coverage of Haiti’s earthquake and wondered what we could do to help. Many kids worked with their classmates to raise money to help rebuild. What some people don’t realize is that Haiti’s forests have been in trouble for a long time.

Ninety years ago, well over half of Haiti was covered in forest. Now just 2% of the land is forested. Some third-graders from The Bullis School recently created Buddy Bison Park dioramas, depicting American and Haitian Parks.

Dioramas made by Paris, Rotimi and Preston were showcased at a special presentation to one 16-year-old earthquake survivor named Ruthnie at the Haitian Flag Day event, at the White House Old Executive Office Building. 

Paris’s dioramas depicted “Buddy Bison at Rock Creek National Park” and Rotimi’s featured “Buddy Bison at Yellowstone National Park.” Preston’s piece, entitled “Buddy Bison Dreams of a Reforested Haiti,” was presented along with Buddy Bison to Ruthnie by fifth-grader Alexander, who attends National Presbyterian School, another Buddy Bison School.

In his speech, Alexander said, "We only see the devastation on TV," said Alexander, "but there are so many beautiful things about Haiti, too, and I want people to know that."