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BB at Niagra Falls- Nov 2011

Rachel, her family, and Buddy trying to stay dry
Rachel and Buddy Bison at Niagara Falls.

Buddy Bison at Niagara Falls

November 2011

Last month, Rachel, a 1st grade student at Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School in Washington D.C., took Buddy Bison along when her family visited Niagara Falls in New York!

Here is what Rachel had to say:

“I went to Niagara Falls. I had fun. I saw a movie about Niagara Falls 100’s of years ago. I went to Canada and saw the butterfly exhibit. Canada is not far from Niagara Falls. I had fun.”

Remember to send in pictures of you and Buddy on your own adventures and explorations to adam@parktrust.org. Make sure you write something about your experience!