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Jared in Everglades

Everglades National Park

IMG_0737The Everglades National Park in Florida was like a water park. My nose wanted to kick the horrible smells out , some things were loud, things also felt weird, and the food was amazing.
When I first got into the Everglades National Park water was all over the park. Also, the water was murky like the Missouri River. Grass and trees were growing in the water. When we were getting our tickets for the airboat tour an alligator popped its head right out of the water it looked like a rock with eyes. It frightened me a bit. The park smelled weird because of the alligators. It smelled like someone cut the cheese.
The airboat tour I did just smelled like fresh water because of the giant fan it had. The airboat was so loud it's louder than a race car VROOM VROOM. It was so loud we had to wear earplugs. The airboat was white That said "Everglades with the number 4. The big fan was just a giant air conditioner in a cage to me. Also, when we were out there you could see grass, trees, and water as far as the eye can see. When we were getting back from the tour a alligator hit our boat hard BANG. I was glad that the alligator didn't jump on the boat or something.

In the park there was a alligator I got to hold it felt squishy as slime, on the top of the baby alligator it had little spicks and the bottom it felt so squishy like a snake. I thought the alligator didn't smell because I already got used to the smell of the park.

Later that day I went to a restaurant that had gator bites. I was told that the gator bites were the fat in the alligator's tail and that sounded yummy. The gator bites I thought it was just popcorn chicken but the ones I ate were deep fried for 72 hours. The gator bites tasted like popcorn chicken but more fried and a taste I just can not describe. The gator bites were bumpy as rocks but fried. Also, the gator bites were as orange as the Cleveland browns helmet.

IMG_0707When my family was taking a break I walked down to look at the chinese alligator. But on the other side I saw a 7 foot alligator about 9 feet away from me.
My heart exploded with fear it felt like I was lunch to the alligator. But at the same time I thought it was cool because i've never been that close to a big alligator before. I still backed away from it slowly because I thought that the alligator was going to pounce on me. When I was walking away I heard it making rumbling noises GRRROOWWWWLLLLLL. A little while later we were walking around but something caught my eye like a hook. I took a closer look and a alligator was in the shade. That scared me just like being trapped in an alley with ak 47s my mom shouted "Let's Get Out Of Here".
When we were leaving the park our bus driver had some bread and said "I have to do something". Then he went near the water and a big alligator jumped up and grabbed the bread. I thought he was a gonner but he said the alligator was used to him.

As you can see the Everglades National Park is a lot of fun and it has danger. So if you go to the Everglades have fun and don't get eaten.