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MAY 2013

National Arboretum

IMG_5852Students from Washington Middle School for Girls, Neval Thomas Elementary, KIPP: WILL Academy and Potomac Lighthouse Academy visited the U.S. National Arboretum and Washington Youth Garden. They learned A LOT about plants and how to make a garden of their own.




LIVE Food Chain!

LIVE Food Chain!

WILL Academy students answering questions 
about the live food chain.

Over the past month our friends from Earth Conservation Corps (ECC) presented special programs to our Buddy Bison students.

ECC's Daryl Wallace visited several D.C. schools with a LIVE food chain featuring raptors, snakes, and small mammals. WILL Academy (KIPP DC) welcomed Daryl and his programs.  

Thank you Daryl and the ECC for bringing park experiences to our students during the cold winter months!

MAY 2012 

KIPP DC Sees the Trees: A Journey through the U.S. National Arboretum 

KIPP DC: WILL Academy joined me at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, DC this month. An arboretum is a living museum where trees, shrubs, and plants are grown and studied for scientific and educational purposes. During the trip, the students were broken up into four different groups and led around the Arboretum by their teachers and volunteers. They visited two different gardens where they got to taste different plants and herbs like asparagus, mint and a plant called stevia which tasted like sugar! They were also taken on a hike through the woods where they saw a snake, some lizards, a snapping turtle, and a bull frog.

Most of the students were in agreement that their favorite part of the trip was walking through the Bonsai exhibit. Bonsai, pronounced "bone-sigh" is an ancient Japanese art where a tree is trimmed in order to keep it from growing to its normal size. When this process is started, a tree is said to be "in training". Some of the trees in the exhibit have been in training for more than 100 years! One of the trees is almost 400 years old and still smaller than most of the KIPP DC students!


 APRIL 2012

Planting Cherry Blossom Trees with the First Lady

Last month Chellsea from KIPP DC: WILL Academy helped First Lady Michelle Obama plant cherry blossom trees along the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC!  Chellsea was invited to participate in the Centennial Tree Planting Ceremony, which honored the 100th anniversary of the planting of the first two of 3,000 cherry blossom trees given to the United States as a gift from the city of Tokyo, Japan. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom in March, and thousands of people from across the country travel to our nation’s capital to see them! I want to thank Chellseas for bringing me along on her special day.

 White House Easter Egg Roll

White-House-005Four students from KIPP DC: WILL Academy visited the White House for the 134 annual Easter Egg Roll. This is what they had to say:

Kierra wrote:

I was so excited to go to the White House. I want to thank you for inviting us to the White House Easter Egg Roll. I want to tell you about all the fun things we did. First, we watched a performance by the awesome Chicago Tumblers. We could not believe our eyes when we saw them flip and do tricks in the air. Next, we took pictures with all the fun cartoon characters and people dressed up like former presidents. We also met and talked to famous people like the McClain sisters and Zendaya. Everyone we met was kind and taught us something new! One of the last things we did was enjoy different fruits from Mrs. Obama's garden. I tried their apples, and tangerines and they were all delicious! I cannot believe we were able to have so much fun at our President's house. I am so thankful for the opportunity and hope to become a successful person like the President.

Nanette wrote: 

Let me tell you, from the moment I got there, I couldn't keep my feet on the ground! White-House-009We had so much fun! The first thing we was take pictures. We took pictures in front of the White House and with PBS TV characters. Then we had the chance to see the McClain Sisters and Zendaya perform live on stage. They were so amazing! We all clapped and cheered during their performances. We took a break and ate fresh fruit from the Mrs. Obama's organic garden. The fruit was so sweet like the entire experience! The last thing we did was decorate eggs with glitter, paint, and stickers. I will always remember this experience even when I am 100 years old! This is also a meaningful experience for me because at my school we are taught that if we work hard we earn good things like going to the White House!