Students Keep Buddy Bison Busy over Break!


Potomac, Maryland students from the Bullis School spent plenty of time adventuring with Buddy Bison over winter break. From Sydney’s trip to Avenel Park, to Ethan’s travels in New York City, Madison’s adventures at Cabin John’s dog park and Demetri’s trip to Deep Creek Lake State Park. Below, read Caulley’s take on winter break with Buddy Bison.

Written by Caulley 

Over our Christmas break in December, I traveled with my family to New York City for two days.  We took Buddy Bison with us so that he could visit Central Park.  I knew from seeing photos and movies and talking to my parents that Central Park was one of the nicest city parks in the country.  

caulleyWhen we went to Central Park it was a clear and very cold day outside but I was bundled up and Buddy Bison had a warm coat.  We climbed up on rocks in the middle of the park and looked at over the Central Park Ice Skating Rink.  We also climbed a tree where Buddy Bison sat on a branch and watched the horses go by.  We took a walk through the park with Buddy Bison on top of my head and I climbed another very tall rock.  Buddy Bison got a chance to see parts of Central Park where many famous movies were filmed.  At the end of the trip to Central Park, I also introduced Buddy Bison to one of the horses, and he gave us a friendly nudge.  Before we left New York, we also took Buddy Bison by FAO Schwarz so that he could see some other friendly animals.  I think it was great trip for both Buddy and me—we both got to see a new park in the United States and we had fun playing outdoors.