Officer Clowers and HORSE Steely Dan Trot into Buddy Bison Schools

Most of you have seen police officers in patrol cars or on bikes—and many of you have seen mounted police on horseback. Officer Mariea Clowers, a US Park Police officer, helps keep us safe from atop her partner Steely Dan—a grey thoroughbred horse.

Mariea and Steely Dan have made visits to Buddy Bison schools, including EL. Haynes Public Charter School’s (Washington, DC) Badgers, Lions, Wolverines and Gophers. These 3 and 4 year olds just learned how to write letters and will be sending some of their first to Officer Mariea.  Here is what some of the kids from other schools had to say.


Buddy Bison Interview with the National Park's 'Head Ranger'

Did you know that Jon Jarvis, the director of the National Park Service, considers himself the 'head ranger'? He told that to third graders at Washington D.C.'s E.L. Haynes Public Charter School. He came to visit their school and read them a cool new book called Buddy Bison Goes to a Park. What's even cooler is that 3rd graders at the school got to to illustrate the book with really creative drawings of me, Buddy Bison. After that, the kids took the Junior Ranger oath and then he declared it an OFFICIAL Junior Ranger Day at their school. How great is that?!