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A Visit from Nature

This month 5th grade students from Jose de Diego Community Academy in Chicago, IL got a special visit from me and Sara Rose, a naturalist from the Forest Preserve of Cook County’s Trailside Museum. Sara taught the students about the food web using real animal skulls and pelts. What a memorable way to learn about local animals and plants! Here is what Astry said about the visit:
I learned lots of new things that I have always wondered about. I have had a very cool experience with skulls and noticed that squirrels have teeth just like beavers to bite on hard nuts.

A big Buddy Bison thanks to our partner Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP for sponsoring Jose de Diego Community Academy this year.
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MAY 2013

Jose de Diego goes to Indiana Dunes

Indiana DunesIn May Jose de Diego sent students to Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. While they were therem, the students were the first to ever play in the new nature play area. Students also had the opportunity to learn about endangered species, learn about how dunes are formed and go hiking. To read their adventure Journals, click here.


Buddy Bison Creations

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