Bullis School Teacher Honored with "The Buddy"

The Buddy

salazar_group.jpgThird-grade students from Potomac, MD's Bullis School love Mrs. Carolyn Cohen for the creative way she brings nature into the classroom and takes learning outdoors. Just last week, Mrs. Cohen received National Park Trust's (NPT) first national teacher award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship—an award that has already been dubbed simply The Buddy.

Mrs. Cohen received The Buddy at the same event where NPT honored Secretary Salazar with the American Park Experience Award. When she accepted her award, Mrs. Cohen said, "Bringing a new awareness and respect to the great outdoors to our students has been a rewarding experience for all, and I'm proud to be a part of that effort. I recognize there are many teachers who are equally dedicated to this goal and I happily share this award with them."

Secretary Salazar later added that despite spending his days in Cabinet meetings and on the floor of Congress, "In my job, I always say the most inspiring thing I get to do is work with young people." He then applauded Mrs. Cohen and all of the Buddy Bison students for caring so deeply about our parks and natural resources.

Let's hear three cheers for Mrs. Cohen and all the teachers who work so hard to make exploring nature a priority!