30 Things to Do Outdoors with Your Kids

By Hike it Baby

Want to get outside more with your kids but unsure how? You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the benefits of nature; getting outdoors can be as simple as walking out your back door, heading to your neighborhood park or finding a new trail to explore. To help, we’ve put together 30 simple ideas for getting outdoors with your kids this month.

30 Things to Do Outdoors

  1. Look at a cloud and say what you think it looks like.
  2. Make a wish on a dandelion.
  3. Explore a cobweb.
  4. Hug a tree.
  5. Build a house for faeries.
  6. Read a book in the woods (here are some recommendations).
  7. Fill a basket with nuts, leaves and sticks that have fallen from your neighborhood trees.
  8. Pick up three pieces of trash from outside.
  9. Identify three birds.
  10. Throw rocks in a river, pond or puddle.
  11. Plant wildflowers (make sure they’re a native species).
  12. Build a rock cairn (then disassemble it when you’re done to follow Leave No Trace ethics).
  13. Slide down a sand or grassy hill.
  14. Explore a trail you’ve never visited.
  15. Draw pictures in the dirt.
  16. Paint rocks with water and see what colors arise.
  17. Splash in a big puddle.
  18. Put bugs in a bowl and observe them (then release them back).
  19. Work in a garden or explore a public garden.
  20. Pick out how many shades of green you see on a trail.
  21. Look for something prickly.
  22. Sing in the rain! Not rainy? Stick your head in a fountain or waterfall and sing!
  23. Plant a seed that you find on the trail (i.e., acorn, pine cone, willow fuzz)
  24. Have a picnic.
  25. Find a trail with a creek and look for animals that live in it.
  26. Name a trail with your own special name.
  27. Make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and spy something through them.
  28. Make a new friend (and invite them outdoors).
  29. Walk like a duck, a deer or a bear.
  30. Find different items that are your child’s favorite color.

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Every Little Bit Counts

With busy schedules and unpredictable spring weather, it can be hard to get outside with our little ones. But know this, every little bit counts! Even stepping outside for 15 minutes can help us explore nature and connect with the world around us.


How do you enjoy the outdoors with your kids? Leave a comment and visit www.HikeitBaby.com/blog for more ideas on hiking with your babies, toddlers and young children!

Photo courtesy of Jessica Human