A Historic Halloween with Student Ambassador Audrey in North Carolina

Our newest student ambassador Audrey had a howling good Halloween this year. Check out the full story from her visit to Guilford Courthouse National Military Park below.

“Hi my name is Audrey Elliott and I would like to start by saying I am honored to be chosen as the 3rd Buddy Bison Student Ambassador because there are so many other kids that could have been chosen.

I have been very lucky the past month or so to visit a few National Park sites. I have been able to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway and Kings Mountain National Military Park.

My favorite was at the end of October to go ‘Trick or Treating’ with my friends at a National Park Site.  I put Trick or Treating in quote marks because it was not really Halloween – it was where you could go and hear true stories from a long time ago, dress up and get some candy! (I dressed up like a fox).

I visited Guilford Courthouse National Military Park in Greensboro, North Carolina. The park was hosting ‘Historic Hallows and Battlefield Boos.’ I visited with my parents and their friends along with their boys who were dressed as Darth Vader and Batman.  While there we were able to hear stories from the characters who told us about what was happening with their families at the time of the battle.  We heard about families who were looking for family members and nurses who treated wounded soldiers.  As we walked along the trail we stopped to see zombie soldiers and ended the trail with a spooky story about a soldier who had survived the battle and carried around a piece of his skull.

Earlier this year I visited Guilford Courthouse on their Junior Ranger Day where I completed their Junior Ranger Program and earned a Junior Ranger Badge.  They even were showing how people would dance at a big party during colonial days!

Junior Ranger Days and events like Historic Hallows and Battlefield Boos are a great way to encourage kids to be in parks.  I hope the next time you go to a park you have a lot of fun!”

Thanks Audrey for this terrific photo and spooky story. We look forward to reading about your park adventures in the future!

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