Ambassador Sarah: Promoting Kids to Parks Day in Vineland, NJ

For Buddy Bison Student Ambassador Sarah Hullihen, May 20th was a particularly meaningful day. Sarah hosted a Kids to Parks Day event in her hometown of Vineland, NJ, and even engaged the city to help!

“To make this event possible, I met with the Vineland Environmental Commission to help get everything ready and set up to plan different activities. National Park Trust also suggested that we get a proclamation from our mayor for this special event. A few weeks before the event, I met with Mayor Fanucci to receive Vineland’s Kids to Parks Day 2017 Proclamation.

[At our event] we had a great activity sheet with 7 fun outdoor activities on it and a station for each activity. Some of the activities were “Art In The Park,” which featured art supplies where you could color, draw, paint, and do leaf rubbings; “Color Hike” where you had to find something on your hike that matched with different colors; “100 Things to do at Parks” poster where people wrote ideas of activities to do at parks; and my favorite, the “Read It Forward” station, where you took a book and when you are finished reading it, you “Read It Forward” by giving someone else the book. The Vineland Environmental Commission also had information about all of the great parks and natural areas that we have here in Vineland.

I also led hikes during our Vineland Kids to Parks Day event. On the hikes, we took along supplies to pick up litter and help keep the park clean. Another hike that I led was an “A to Z Hike” where we had to find something that started with each letter of the alphabet. We had to be very creative to find some of the letters.”

Wow, Sarah! Your leadership made this day memorable for your local kids – thank you!