Busy with Buddy- Nov 2010

Beauvoir Busy with Buddy Bison!

November 2010

Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School (Washington, DC) kept busy with Buddy Bison this month! Here are students’ notes on some of their adventures. 

2nd Grade Leprechaun class: The Leprechaun class took Buddy Bison to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens in October and saw so many wetlands plants and animals! Our guide, Ranger Kathy, showed us duck weed, a seed called a hitchhiker, and turtles. We even saw a gaggle of geese land in the water! The giant lily pads that we saw were over three feet across… They were so big! It was a really fun field trip and we observed the many sights, sounds, and smells of nature! Buddy Bison loved our field trip.

Pre-K Penguins The Pre-K Penguins visited Olmsted Woods on November 8, 2010 to investigate the changes that happen in our environment during the season of autumn. Buddy Bison accompanied us on this trip and saw, heard, felt, and smelled some signs of autumn too!

Here are some thoughts from the Pre-K students:
I saw a squirrel.
I (maybe) smelled a rock that was sprayed by a skunk.
I saw leaves that were red, yellow, and brown.
I collected leaves and they were different colors.
Buddy Bison learned about the leaves, trees, and the woods with us.

Pre-K Whales Made a Class Nature “Monster”: We went on a nature walk with Buddy Bison and on our walk we collected rocks, berries, sticks, grass, leaves, twigs and pine needles so we can make a class monster. It was so much fun to make our monster because it is a pretend creature. Look at our monster collage!

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