Buddy Bison’s Food Web Activity and Animals of National Parks Crossword

National Park Trust is excited to share two activities that encourage kids to think about ecological diversity, habitats, and food webs. Our parks are home to countless ecosystems, each with its own cool and unique environment.

Print out the activities below to learn more about animals that inhabit our parks.

Ready to sharpen your science vocabulary? Middle schoolers can learn how animals share energy within their ecosystems through food webs and food chains.

Join our mascot Buddy Bison as you plot out food webs for Joshua Tree National Park and then for your neighborhood! Think about the unique role each animal plays in the ecosystem and their importance to the food web. Download the activity using the button below.

This Buddy Bison crossword puzzle activity, designed for kids of all ages, showcases the variety of animals that inhabit national parks around the country!

Use the clues and word bank to figure out which animals match the puzzle rows and columns. Then think about what the animals have in common (we’ve included a hint in the activity sheet).

Download the crossword and have fun!