• Buddy Bison Student Ambassador Program

National Park Trust is looking for our next

Buddy Bison Student Ambassador!


The Buddy Bison Student Ambassadors are volunteers who represent National Park Trust (NPT) as they explore our parks and public lands and waters. With support from NPT staff, ambassadors promote their adventures via social media, blog posts, and short writing features in NPT newsletters. Ambassadors also connect with a local “home park,” where they help engage with their local community, including on National Kids to Parks Day.

The Buddy Bison Student Ambassador program gives students a platform to share their own park experiences with the NPT community; allowing the public to experience our parks through the eyes of a child. NPT promotes our Ambassadors’ local park adventures and stewardship efforts by amplifying and sharing them nationwide.

Buddy Bison Student Ambassadors help engage with their communities, creating a enlivened youth movement in our national, state, and local parks, because every child deserves an American park experience.  

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Student Ambassadors Audrey (left) and Sarah (right) with Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl, and Buddy Bison



What does a Buddy Bison Student Ambassador do?

Ambassador Audrey Celebrating Kids to Parks Day 2018 at Lake James, NC

Our Ambassadors must explore parks, write about their experiences and post regularly on social media:

Park Exploration:

  • Make regular visits to national, state, and local parks and other public lands.
  • Select a “Home Park” (NPT staff can help with introductions to park officials if needed).
    • Participate in park programs and stewardship events when possible.
    • Host a Kids to Parks Day Event in partnership with your “home park”.

Required Writing for NPT Blog:

  • Write 4 articles a year which will be posted on NPT’s website on the Buddy Bison Student Ambassador blog page and/or featured in NPT’s online monthly newsletter Buddy Bison’s Buzz.

Social Media Posts

  • Post on social media: existing social media presence is not required for application but you will need to create at least 1 account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if selected.
  • Minimum of 2 posts per month where you are tagging a park, NPT, and Buddy Bison.
  • Create unique content for each platform you use (ie no auto posting to other sites). Only being on one platform is fine if there is full engagement.
  • NPT may edit your blog/newsletter content for clarity and length.

Ambassador Benefits

  • You will receive a pint-sized Buddy Bison. In addition, you may receive additional Buddy Bisons to hand out during your park visits/volunteer events.
  • You will also receive an assortment of official Buddy Bison t-shirts. These must be worn when you are “working” as our Ambassador.
  • NPT will do the following for your social media posts:
    • Cross promote your social media account(s).
    • Share your stories through our website. (Editing may be required.)
    • Provide blog management support.
  • NPT can help connect you to your home park officials or any parks you plan to visit.
  • Provide opportunities to meet park rangers, researchers, and network with fellow park stewards as well as our other Buddy Bison Ambassadors.

    Ambassador Tigran at the Jefferson Memorial with Mounted Park Police Officers

  • On occasion, we may have special access to park-related events including educational/leadership summits, White House events, and field research opportunities. Please note: for these and all other events, the funding for these programs is provided by the families of the Ambassadors, including travel, lodging, and food.

Other Requirements and Information

  • Parental/guardian involvement and supervision is required at all times.
    • A parent/guardian must be involved at all times, and must approve all social media activity.
    • Regular communication between the Ambassador family and NPT staff is required. We want this to be the best possible experience for the students.
  • Ambassador appointments last 1 year, with optional renewal each year until 8th grade.
    • NPT has the right to conclude this appointment early if the student is not a good “fit” for the mission of NPT.  Likewise, the student/parent can choose to end the partnership with NPT at any time.
  • This volunteer position is unpaid, and travel costs are not provided.
  • We can provide the opportunity for you to  speak with other Ambassadors and their families to provide references for the program.


To apply:

Applications can be completed online using the form below or sent via mail using this printable PDF of the application.  All parts of the application (other than the parent or guardian letter of support) must be written by the kids themselves, with minor adult editing.