Robbie Bond

Robbie Bond is the Founder of Kids Speak for Parks which was launched in July 2017. A 11-year-old Hawaiian native, Bond grew up on the island of Oahu and has always had a passion for the environment and the protection of our nation’s natural wonders. Robbie created Kids Speak for Parks to ensure that our parks and monuments will remain protected long into the future. Robbie is committed to ensuring his peers across the country learn to understand and appreciate how truly vital national parks and monuments are to our country and why they should be preserved for future generations.

Robbie attends Depoali Middle school in Reno, Nevada. He is also a student at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and he is a Davidson Young Scholar. In 2016 Robbie received a medal for high honors in the Johns Hopkins Talent Search for mathematics. Robbie is a 2018 Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes recipient. He also received the Captain Planet Foundation Young Superhero for Earth Award and the Action for Nature International Eco-Hero award in 2018. Robbie is on the Delta Airlines Green up Youth Advisory Board, a Google Expeditions partner, and he is a youth ambassador for Litterati.

In his free time, Robbie enjoys playing golf, fishing, snorkeling, voice-over acting and surfing. He loves the outdoors because he likes to connect with nature and “unplug”. Being outdoors is fun and peaceful! Participating in outdoor activities has made him more confident.

You can follow Robbie on Instagram @kidsspeakforparks or on Facebook @kidsspeakforparks

Sofia Dussan

Sofía Dussán, 10 years old, lives in Michigan and enjoys living around so many inland lakes and the Great Lakes. She loves reading, Irish dance, and exploring the National Park Sites throughout our country. She loves the outdoors because it is quiet and peaceful and she enjoys seeing animals and learning about how they live. She feel happy and adventurous being outside and hiking with her family in our public lands. She hopes to share my love of the National Parks and public lands with as many other children as she can. También le gustaría compartir su amor por la naturaleza con todas las personas que hablan espaňol.

You can follow Sofia on Instagram @juniorranger_sofia.

Darren Gillespie

Darren is 9 years old and he lives in Washington, DC. Public lands are important to him because they are places that everyone can access and learn things. Daren loves lizards and snakes and he loves to fish too.

You can follow Darren on Instagram @D4Parks

Noah Lagueux

Noah Lagueux is 13 years old and lives in California. He likes camping, hiking, and rock climbing. He has a pet ball python named Penny, and wants to work with reptiles when he gets older. He loves the outdoors, especially the desert, and he wants to help protect the land and animals.

You can follow Noah on Instagram @declan_and_noah_explore.

Declan Lagueux

Declan Lagueux is 10 years old and lives in California. The ocean is his favorite place, but he also likes lakes and rivers. When Declan grows up, he wants to help others, either as a fireman or in the Coast Guard. He wants to help keep the land and water clean and protected so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

You can follow Declan on Instagram @declan_and_noah_explore.

Sam Mandell

Sam Mandell is 13 years old and has lived in West Chester, PA all of his life. He loves to be outside with friends, to walk in creeks, hike on trails, swim, and go camping. If he has to stay in, he likes to read, play video games, and play board games with family and friends. Sam is an active member of his church where he sings in the choir and plays bells, and volunteers often, including for VBS. He has also been a Scout for the past 8 years learning about many topics including Nature, Leave No Trace, various boating and other outdoor activities, First Aid, Personal Fitness, and much more. Archaeology Camp is a favorite every summer for Sam, with Theater and Magic being a close second!

Kate McNerney

Kate is 15 years old and lives in New York. She wants to preserve the outdoors and national parks because she knows it is important that we maintain what’s left of the natural biodiversity in our country. She wants to help the National Park Trust promote the protection and importance of our parks. She likes visiting the parks and thinks that others should learn the value and importance of them too.

You can follow Kate on Instagram @jrRangerKate.

Paige Neil

Paige Neil is 11 years old and a 6th grader. She lives in Washington State on a beautiful island! She loves the outdoors because there are so many beautiful and amazing things to see and do. Her favorite things to do are backpacking, skiing, and kayaking. Living in Washington gives her the chance to do all of these fun things. She is excited to be a National Park Trust Youth Representative!

You can follow Paige on Instagram @trailgirlpaige or on Twitter @paigeneil5.

Aidan Robers

Aidan Robers is 11 years old and lives in Clarksville, Tennessee. He loves the outdoors because there are so many places to go, animals to see, and adventures to have. It’s fun to find new places and learn about them.

You can follow Aidan on Instagram @jrrangeraidan or on Facebook @jrrangeraidan.

Penny Robledo

Penny Robledo is 9 years old and in 4th grade. She is from California, and she loves to explore the outdoors. Penny loves spending time outside in nature because it makes her feel calm and relaxed. It’s interesting to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s fun to learn, explore, and most importantly protect these amazing places. She wants to inspire others to go outside and do the same.

You can follow Penny on Instagram @littlesinginghiker.

Clara Timmons

Clara is 13 years old and lives in good old Oklahoma. She enjoys the outdoors because of the endless opportunities that nature and national parks offer her.

You can follow Clara on Instagram @Clara_Timmons_Junior_Ranger.

Taylor Vero

Taylor is 13 years old and lives in New York. She has enjoyed outdoor adventures since before she could even walk, from camping and horseback riding to hiking and biking through scenic trails with her family and friends. She loves being out in nature because it always makes her feel good inside.

You can follow Taylor on Instagram @taylor_hikes.