Buddy Bison’s Buzz December Update



Mullanphy ILC (MO) at the top of the world in Gateway Arch National Park.

Mullanphy ILC felt on top of the world last month! They visited Gateway Arch National Park in Missouri with Buddy Bison. Students journeyed to the top of the Arch and explored the brand new museum with Ranger Chris. They discovered that St. Louis is called the “Gateway to the West” because it was where hopeful pioneers all started their journey into the Western frontier of the young United States. Plus, he gave us a lot of museum artifacts to touch, like Native American beads and a whole bison skin!

They also got to meet me, Buddy Bison, and received their Every Kid in a Park passes! A special thank you to The North Face for making this day of exploration possible.


4th graders from Pennycook ES (CA) doing “belly biology” from the pier at San Francisco National Historical Park.

Even in the middle of busy San Francisco, there is wildlife to be found! Annie Pennycook Elementary (CA) 4th graders discovered sea creatures in the harbor at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. They saw sea lions lounging, barnacles clinging, and plenty of seaweed growing in around the harbor.

They didn’t just stay in the harbor though – they went inside the historic ships too with Ranger Rejane for a tour. Afterwards, they received their Every Kid in a Park passes just like Mullanphy did. A big thanks to the Bellamy Family for making this trip possible!

Want your own Every Kid in a Park Pass? If you’re a current 4th grader (or know one), go to EveryKidInAPark.gov and learn how you can get one! It’s valid now until June 2019. Not only can 4th graders enter any federal public land for free with their pass, but their families can too!


Student Ambassador Audrey at the Jefferson Memorial

This month, Buddy Bison Student Ambassador Audrey Elliot shares her park adventures from her recent visit to Washington, DC and her own insider secret to visiting multiple parks in one day. Read more on Audrey’s blog.