Buddy Bison’s Buzz February Update


Muir Woods National Monument is one of the only old-growth coastal redwood forests in the world. Last month 35 fourth-grade students from Hoover Elementary in Oakland, CA stood at the feet of these giant trees, thinking about how they helped create this unique ecosystem and why this park was established to protect this important monument. An old-growth forest takes many years to develop and has large live trees, multi-layered plant life, dead trees and communities of plants and animals that depend on each other to survive. Students enjoyed smelling coastal redwood needles and how they play a part in the forest ecosystem.

Thank you to the Wyss Foundation for making this trip possible!



Buddy Bison Student Ambassador Tigran Nahabedian journeyed to Seattle, WA for the Northwest Youth Leadership Summit this past November, where he met other kids like him who want a career in parks and public lands. He even trained on a course where the first American to climb Mt. Everest learned to climb! Learn who the climber was by reading Tigran’s blog.