Tigran’s National Park and Buddy Bison Challenge

Who’s up for a challenge? Our first student Buddy Bison Ambassador, 4th-grader Tigran Nahabedian from Ojai, CA, has created Tigran’s National Park and Buddy Bison Challenge, which is open to all kids and adults. Tigran’s challenge will help support our Kids to Parks Day National School Contest, which provides park scholarships for Title 1 students, and the Centennial celebration of the National Park Service. According to Tigran, “the purpose of my challenge is to raise awareness for the National Park Trust, to help underserved children, and to help the National Park Service.”

Read about Tigran’s five-step challenge here and pledge to participate today! If you would like to have me, Buddy Bison, as your trusty traveling companion, you can purchase Buddy here. Every purchase will help send a child in need to a park. As a bonus, you’ll get to travel around with me wherever you go, and I’m always up for an adventure! Thank you, Tigran, for your outstanding work as our first student Buddy Bison Ambassador. Stay tuned for more updates from Tigran and his park ambassador work.