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White HouseHey Kids,
Did you know that the White House, where the president lives, is actually a National Park? Over the holidays, I stopped by to taste the grass in President’s Park, which spans the grounds just outside the White House and see the beautiful decorations.. I also made a new friend named Claire!

There are so many parks you can visit that may not at first seem like the other parks you know  (I looked and looked for a merry-go-round, but never found one at President’s Park). Next time you and your family head out for a weekend adventure, ask to explore one of these special parks. Your parents or another adult can look for new park ideas on my website.

Time for adventure!
Buddy Bison

North Carolina High School Student Researches National Parks

Haley LynchHaley Lynch, a high school senior at Providence High School in Charlotte, NC recently took part in an elaborate study of the National Parks. Her reflections on the project and the place of parks in her life appear below and continue in Buddy Bison’s Blog.

Some of my favorite memories growing up are family trips we have taken to National Parks. I have spent time at Voyageurs, the Badlands, Grand Canyon and the Great Smoky Mountains. As a family, we would pack up the car and spend days camping, canoeing, hiking and exploring these areas. Each park visit has been adventurous, and I have been awestruck by nature’s beauty...read more

KIPP DC Will Academy – Skype the Authors

Students in the Buddy Bison program learn about national parks through Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson's National Geographic Mystery Books. Fifth graders from KIPP DC WILL Academy recently interviewed the authors via Skype. Here's what Cara-Lynn and Kristionie thought about the interview!

Written by Cara-Lynn

DSCN4841.JPGIt was a great experience to interview Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson. When my class interviewed them we found out about interesting things like how they write books together even though they both live in different places. We also learned what inspired them to write new stories. For example, Alane Ferguson said that what inspired her to become an author was watching her mother write children's books. We also learned that Mrs. Gloria Skurzynski has written many other interesting books. (Our class is excited to get some of these books!)...read more

Written by Kristionie

DSCN4844.JPGHi my name is Kristionie, and I want to tell you about the two amazing authors my class interviewed using SKYPE. (Cool, huh?) After reading a mystery series all taking place at different national parks, we interviewed authors Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson. I am so happy I had the opportunity to meet them and ask them my favorite questions.  My favorite part was when Mrs. Gloria told us about all the awards she has won. She told us how she won a chair as an award one time!...read more

Buddy Bison Makes a New Friend, a Story, by National Presbyterian School Students

Students from National Presbyterian School in Washington, D.C. have created a wonderful powerpoint detailing a story of their own creation about Buddy Bison! 

Katia, Caroline, Sophia, Marley, Gigi and Mrs. King describe Buddy Bison’s first play date with a new friend, Daisy in “Buddy Bison Makes a New Friend.” Read the story and then see what stories YOU can come up with, starring Buddy Bison...read more

Buddy Bison’s Field Trip to National Cathedral with Beauvoir Elementary

Students from Beauvoir, National Cathedral Elementary School in Washington, D.C. often take Buddy Bison along when they explore outdoors. Recently, 1st grade students visited the historic landmark right next door to their school, the National Cathedral.

Written by Beauvoir 1st Grade

http://buddybison.org/images/stories/organ.jpgBeauvoir’s First Graders brought Buddy on a field trip to the National Cathedral. Buddy and the Coyotes learned about the organ and the High Altar. We learned that the organ has four different keyboards, and there is another kind of keyboard on the floor. Buddy Bison and the Coyotes learned that the longest pipe is almost the same size as a school bus. All the organ’s pipes are not in the same place. They are all over the National Cathedral! Some of the pipes are hidden in the tall, dark arches. There are more than ten thousand pipes in the organ. The organ plays by air by big fans that are underneath the floor. Some of the pipes that were broken were making air sounds—we could hear them if we were very, very quiet, and we were not supposed to hear it...read more

Bullis Students Keep Buddy Bison Busy over Break!

Potomac, Maryland students from the Bullis School spent plenty of time adventuring with Buddy Bison over winter break. From Sydney’s trip to Avenel Park, to Ethan’s travels in New York City, Madison’s adventures at Cabin John’s dog park and Demetri’s trip to Deep Creek Lake State Park. Below, read Caulley’s take on winter break with Buddy Bison.

Written by Caulley

Over our Christmas break in December, I traveled with my family to New York City for two days.  We took Buddy Bison with us so that he could visit Central Park.  I knew from seeing photos and movies and talking to my parents that Central Park was one of the nicest city parks in the country.  

caulleyWhen we went to Central Park it was a clear and very cold day outside but I was bundled up and Buddy Bison had a warm coat.  We climbed up on rocks in the middle of the park and looked at over the Central Park Ice Skating Rink.  We also climbed a tree where Buddy Bison sat on a branch and watched the horses go by.  We took a walk through the park with Buddy Bison on top of my head and I climbed another very tall rock.  Buddy Bison got a chance to see parts of Central Park where many famous movies were filmed.  At the end of the trip to Central Park, I also introduced Buddy Bison to one of the horses, and he gave us a friendly nudge.  Before we left New York, we also took Buddy Bison by FAO Schwarz so that he could see some other friendly animals.  I think it was great trip for both Buddy and me—we both got to see a new park in the United States and we had fun playing outdoors.  
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Plan your family trips around the dates of our National Parks’ fee free days!

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