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Hey Kids,

I hope the school year is off to a great start! It seems just like yesterday that I hiked, canoed, and rock-climbed all over the country with you. Now that school is starting, there are plenty of opportunities to get out AND learn!

This month, you can read about a great website to find activities in parks near you, get a preview of my adventures with kids this fall, find out what our buddies at the Bullis School and Winnwood Elementary School are doing outside, and what I’ve been up to at Fort Stanwix in New York. While the weather may be getting cooler in some parts of the country, my personally-tailored wool coat guarantees I can still see our parks.

For all my buddies, remember to bundle up, then get out and explore! The parks are yours… no matter the season!

Happy adventuring,

Buddy Bison


Buddies and Bullfrogs in North Kansas City

On September 21, I traveled with Buddy Bison kids from Winnwood Elementary School in North Kansas City, Missouri to Smithville Lake. U.S. Army Corps Ranger Jim taught the kids about the purpose of the lake as a recreation area, a water source, and a wildlife habitat.

We went on a hike and got to see some of the amphibians that live around the lake. The kids even touched a real-life bull frog! The best part about places like Smithville Lake is that they give everyone the opportunity to get away from the city and back to nature. 

Thanks to our partners for making the day a success:  Clay County Parks and Recreation Department, HEROS-North Kansas City, and U.S. Army Corps- North Kansas City.

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Bullis Enjoys Fall at the Falls

In Washington, DC, the summer heat can be unbearable, especially when wearing wool!

Luckily, the fall temperature brought a great opportunity for me to cool down and do a stream clean-up with our Buddy Bison partner,  Bullis School, at Locust Grove. We had the chance to give back to the park and learn about the importance of watersheds to our ecosystem.

While the 3rd grade students were at Locust Grove, the 4th grade picnicked at Great Falls National Park in Northern Virginia. The rapids on the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia make up this national park which is only a few miles from Washington, DC. 

To see more of Bullis' adventures, check out their school gallery. 

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A Wooly Good Time Learning about History at Fort Stanwix

If there is one thing I love, it’s our national parks. If there is one thing I love IMG 0696more, it’s when history and our national parks come together to make a cool experience for kids. My buddy, Park Ranger Jones, took me to the New York State Fair for the first time to tell kids about Fort Stanwix. At the fair, I got to meet over 750 people and sign kids up to be Junior Rangers at the fort!

Ranger Jones told me that, “history is more than just dates, it’s the apples, oranges, and bananas too.” Fort Stanwix was an important part in the American Revolution and in our fight for freedom from the British. The fort became known as the fort that never surrendered after it withstood 21 days of attack by British General, Barry St. Leger. This place has an important connection to all of us, even me. NPS rangers tell their visitors that my great-great-great-bison grandparents, used to live in New York when the fort sat on a trading route that was used by powerful Indian tribes.

I hope to make all New Yorkers aware and excited about the history waiting to be explored in their backyards!

Sneak Peek at the Coming Weeks

With all our nation’s public lands, it can all get overwhelming when deciding what to explore. Luckily, there is now a great website called that you can use to find great parks near you.  My friends at the National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service added their ideas to the site so you know that there are some awesome recommendations!

Next month, a bunch of Buddy Bison kids will be exploring park recommendations first-hand:

No matter where you are, gives you all the tools you need to begin your adventure. In next month’s issue, you can read more about my adventures!

National Parks Are FREE This Saturday!

On September 29th, come join thousands of other kids at parks across the country for a day of outdoor fun! All fees to all public lands sites are waived for the day. Check out the National Public Lands Day map for parks near you!

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