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Celebrating Thanksgiving at Big Hill Pond State Park, TN Sightseeing at Inyo National Forest, CA Buddy at Crater Lake National Park, OR
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Hey Kids,
I hope you all had some time during this Thanksgiving break to get outside and explore a park with your friends and family! This holiday, we can be thankful that there are always places to get out and explore. In the sand, snow, or sun, our parks always offer something fun! It is also a great way to recover from all that holiday pie!

Wooliest Regards,
Buddy Bison
Hunting for magnetite at Mojave National Preserve
Climbing at Joshua Tree
Mojave Happenings with Our New Buddy Bison Schools

At the end of October, I had a chance to catch some sun while exploring the Mojave Desert in California with my friends from Baker Elementary (CA), Sandy Valley Elementary (NV), and Eagle Mountain School (CA). With the help of volunteers from First Solar, they spent the day exploring and learning about the importance of our desert parks.

At Mojave National Preserve, students explored the Kelso Dunes, which are some of the tallest sand dunes in North America. Imagine mountains of sand at the beach, but without the water! Some students dragged magnets through the huge dunes in search for magnetic sand called magnetite while others hiked the Teutonia Peak Trail.

At Joshua Tree National Park, the kids visited White Tank which is home to many stone landscapes. They hiked through rocky trails and learned how the boulders were created by thousands of years of wind and rain! Fun fact: Despite having little rain, the Mojave Desert parks are filled with over 750 species of plants! A big thank you to Rangers Lorna and Caryn for guiding the students and First Solar for sponsoring these three new Buddy Bison schools.

Buddy on the Anacostia River
Dillon the Beaver
All Hooves on Deck for DC Canoeing Adventures!

In October, my friends from the following DC area schools: Brent Elementary School, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, Neval Thomas Elementary School, and Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School traveled the Anacostia River in 24-foot canoes brought all the way from Minnesota! Here is what my buddy Jonas from Brent Elementary School said about the trip:

Two weeks ago on October 25th, Mrs. Hill’s third grade class canoed on the Anacostia River...In my canoe, I saw one chickadee, one hawk, two cardinals (one male and one female), and many other birds. All of the canoes stopped at the entrance of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens…On the way there, we saw a beaver named Dillon looking at us, then on the way back, he was sleeping. We came back and took our life jackets off, put them away with our paddles and left quickly. We had a great time canoeing and learned and saw a lot!

A bison-sized thank you to Jonas for his great reporting and a huge thanks to Wilderness Inquiry, the National Park Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Forest Service!

Turtles come to visit Neval Thomas
Neval Thomas Principal, Ruth Barnes and Sky, her new feathered friend

Turtles, Owls, and Hawks, Oh My…at Neval Thomas Elementary School

This month was the kick-off event for DC's Neval Thomas Elementary as they joined our Buddy Bison school program! The kids saw some amazing wildlife living right in their own backyards.

My friends Daryl and Kellie from the Earth Conservation Corps taught the kids about animal habitats and the importance of watersheds like the Anacostia River.

They got to see turtles, an owl, and even a red-tailed hawk! Afterwards, we all danced to the hit nature song, Humps, Hooves, and Horns. Thank you to Pepco Holdings, Inc. for sponsoring the Buddy Bison program at Neval Thomas.


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Pepco's Debbi Jarvis welcomes the kids


Our new junior rangers
Un-“Locking” the History of Canals with St. Andrews

The kindergarten and pre-K students of St. Andrews Episcopal School in Potomac, MD had a great chance to learn about the history of the C&O Canal National Historical Park, thanks to a special visit from my friend, Ranger Kelly. She came to the students’ classroom to teach them about canals, which are man-made rivers built to get boats around waterways that are too dangerous to sail on. The kids even got to dress up as boat captains and canal workers from the 1800s! Finally, the kids were sworn in as official junior rangers! Fun fact: the C&O Canal stretches 184.5 miles from Washington, DC to Maryland. The canal’s bike trail is longer than 736 Empire State Buildings in a row! Talk about a bike ride!

Songs for Junior Rangers
Rockin’ Out for Our Parks!

Even if you’re not exploring a park, you can still sing about it. My musical friend and Buddy Bison Ambassador, Ranger Jeff Wolin from Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in Colorado has a brand new CD that brings our national parks to you through music! The CD is packed with 20 songs about our parks. With songs like my favorite, Humps, Hooves, and Horns, everyone can tap their hooves to the music! Be sure to look for the CD next time you visit a national park or order the CD online here!

Quince at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Meet November’s Adventurer of the Month!

Kids of all ages can have awesome adventures in our parks. Congratulations to our youngest Adventurer of the Month, Quince from the state of Washington! From the picture, you can tell that he already loves the great outdoors! Quince and his mom, Amanda took this great photo at Olympic National Park (WA). Amanda stated, “Quince loved running along the paths which are great viewing points of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island. At one point he abruptly stopped, started pointing at various things and babbling excitedly.”

As our newest Adventurer of the Month, Quince will receive a Buddy Bison Adventure package and an official Buddy Bison certificate. For all my other readers, keep sending me your best photos and you may be selected as our next Adventurer of the Month! And be sure to check out Amanda's blog on all of Quince's adventures!

Save the Date: National Kids to Parks Day is Saturday, May 18, 2013!

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