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Hey Kids!

Have you heard the news? "Punxsutawney Phil," the famous groundhog, saw no shadow, so spring is fast approaching! The spring will awaken flowers from a deep winter sleep and it will help kick-off our outdoor adventures together. Don't forget to take me along! 

Happy Adventuring!

Buddy Bison

Crafting Park Icons


Bullis students posing with their dioramas.


Rachel and her Buddy Bison creation.

Our friends from the Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland have been busy in 2013.

The third-grade students had the opportunity to combine their love of science and art in a unique diorama project that was displayed at The North Face Georgetown's store in Washington, D.C. and featured in The Gazette newspaper!  The students' dioramas highlighted their favorite features of the national parks.

Click here to see the dioramas!

Thank you to The North Face Georgetown store for welcoming our Buddy Bison art work! 

In addition, Rachel, a Bullis 
fifth-grade student, has been crafting her own unique project. She designed and created a Buddy Bison for her teacher:

"I am a really good sewer and I guess Mrs. Cohen knew that too. I was just walking through the hall and then I saw Mrs. Cohen. She asked me if I could sew a Buddy Bison for her and she would take a picture of it and send it to the Buddy Bison website. I said yes. When I got home I told my mom and dad about the project and they loved it."

To read more of Rachel's story click here.

Thank you Bullis for always including me in your park adventures!

LIVE Food Chain!


Students from Washington Middle School for Girls
get up close to a Burmese Python.

WILL Academy students answering questions
about the live food chain.

Over the past month our friends from Earth Conservation Corps (ECC) presented special programs to our Buddy Bison students.

ECC's Daryl Wallace visited several D.C. schools with a LIVE food chain featuring raptors, snakes, and small mammals. WILL Academy (KIPP DC), Washington Jesuit Academy, and Washington Middle School for Girls (WMSG) all welcomed Daryl and his programs.  

Michael Kelley, a science teacher from WMSG said this to me about the visit:

"Many thanks to you and your colleague from the ECC for yesterday's exciting introduction to the natural wonders of our area. Nothing like a red-tailed hawk ready for flight and a live pooping exhibition by a Cooper's hawk to get the students' attention!"

Thank you Daryl and the ECC for bringing park experiences to our students during the cold winter months!

Local Ranger Hits the Road

Buddy loves National Park Service Rangers because they are always happy and excited to teach our students about the outdoors. Ranger Kelly Fox from the C&O Canal National Historical Park visited three of our schools this winter.

At St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, Ranger Kelly participated in the lower school science fair where she engaged both kids and adults in the wonders of our parks. This is what she had to say about working with our Buddy Bison students:

"I'm so happy that the Buddy Bison Program has connected our park with schools nearby. It has been wonderful getting to know students who are already stewards of our park--and helping to connect even more!"

Thank you Ranger Kelly. Our students are always excited to see you!

KellyFox-3654 Buzz784
Ranger Kelly at St.Andrew's science fair...
..and displaying furs and shells of animals found in the park.

2013 0209 Fort McHenry 004
Explorer Club at Fort McHenry State Park.

One Park Trip a
Month or Bust!

Buddy recently received an update from the Explorer Club of St. Ignatius Loyola Academy in Baltimore, Maryland. The club has made it their mission to take at least one park trip each month! 

Last month, they visited two local state parks in Maryland: Fort Frederick and Fort McHenry. They hiked and watched a live
re-enactment of soldiers fighting during the War of 1812!  Khalil, an Explorer said this about their trip:

"When we were at Fort Frederick I had a history lesson on how the soldiers dressed and how they lived their lives. In their life they lived in little cabins, only two or three people could fit in there. They all slept in one bed to keep warm. When the fort was attacked by Indians, they went on top of the fort and fired little lead pebbles. I enjoyed the soldier firing the guns."

I look forward to learning where the Explorer Club goes next month!

Nodin being sworn in as a Jr. Park Ranger at 
Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Adventure of the Month

Congratulations to Nodin from Kentucky for being selected as our Adventurer of the Month! Nodin took a pledge to visit a park at least three times per week, and he successfully accomplished that goal!  This is what he had to say:

"I had a very good time at the parks I visited. I am happy to protect the parks. I hope that future visitors are able to understand the importance and meaning of the parks. They are a great way to learn a lot about history and science. I hope that visitors remember the Park Rangers that make them successful.

My favorite park visit this year was the Perryville Battlefield (Kentucky State Park). I participated in a scout camp out and watched a re-enactment. I also enjoyed Camberland Gap and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Parks. I hiked, biked, explored, and learned about history."

As our Adventurer of the Month, Nodin will receive my Buddy Bison prize package which includes Buddy Bison, National Geographic's Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A., my Park Adventure Booklet, and an official Adventure of the Month Certificate signed by me. If you would like to be considered as a candidate for our next Adventurer of the Month, email me at buddy@buddybison.org.

Parent's & Teacher's 

Save the Date:           National Kids to Parks Day is May 18!

The National Park Trust is excited to announce that 127 mayors have proclaimed May 18th as  National Kids to Parks Day! In addition we have over 5,000 people who have pledged to visit a park that day! Help us reach 10,000 participants by the end of March. Register here!

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