Discover Fossils and Prehistoric Parks with Buddy Bison

Join our woolly mascot Buddy Bison as he takes you back in time to when dinosaurs, mammoths, and other primitive animals roamed the land. Discover what it’s like to uncover fossils by recreating a frozen fossil dig site. Then, “think like a paleontologist” by learning about three prehistoric animals that have been identified in national parks and imagine what they looked like.

Many, many years ago, giant creatures lived on the land we now call home. Their preserved remains, which in some places can still be visibly seen embedded in rocks, have been found in numerous national parks across the country. These preserved remains are called fossils.

Scientists, including paleontologists, are always digging up new fossils and discovering creatures that used to live within our parks. Join Buddy Bison and become a scientist for a day! Recreate a frozen fossil dig and make your own discoveries from home! Click the link below to Download the instructions.

Now that you have some experience finding or excavating fossils, you’re ready to take a closer look and imagine what some of these prehistoric creatures looked like when they walked the earth. In this activity, examine the fossils on the worksheet and then “think like a paleontologist”. Use your imagination to draw your own scientific illustrations. Click on the link below to download.