Our wildly wonderful national parks give us so much. From endless beauty and inspiration to awesome outdoor adventures – we all benefit from our parks in so many ways. 

We hope this list inspires you to give back to your national parks during this season of giving!

1. Join Us

Want to learn more about what National Park Trust is doing to complete (yes, complete!) our national parks? Are you interested in helping young people discover and care for our parks?

Join our e-community and follow our social media posts:


2. Volunteer

The cold months are a perfect time to assist National Park Service staff as they complete maintenance projects that were deferred during the busy summer months.

Be sure to talk with a park ranger first. Then, gather a group of friends to help with trail maintenance, clean-ups, and other conservation projects!

3. Walk the Talk

More than 330 million people visited our national parks last year. It is up to us to inspire others to respect and care for our ecological and cultural resources by practicing leave-no-trace principles.

Lead by example when you share your park adventures by planning ahead, disposing of waste properly, respecting wildlife and other visitors, and leaving what you find behind for others to discover.

4. Share the Wonder of Parks With Kids

Every unit in our National Park System is a treasure worthy of protection. For almost 150 years, national parks have been defended by a passionate community of park champions.

It is up to all of us to continue this important work by taking young people from every community to parks now. Use our ParkPassport App to plan your trip. 


5. Donate to National Park Trust on Giving Tuesday

When you make a gift to the Park Trust on December 3rd, it will be used right away to defend the habitats of endangered species, clean air and waterways, dark skies, natural sounds, and the stories that define this country.

Add a Giving Tuesday Reminder to Your Calendar: