Hike It Baby: Living Life Loud

Living Life Loud

By Heidi Schertz

Photos are from Ashley Schneider and Krystal Weir

“Hey! Do you see me? Look at this rock! It’s got the largest bug I’ve ever seen on it. EW! It TOUCHED me.”

That’s the sound of kids. Kids live life out loud, don’t they? They have a way of taking things that are completely normal and making them sound like a brand new discovery. My 3-and-a-half-year-old acts like he’s found the secret to sustainable energy when he exclaims that he’s found The Perfect Stick. “Can I keep it?” he wants to know. Between him and my one-year-old, there is rarely a quiet moment in our house.

In today’s world, there are so many places where it isn’t okay to be loud. It’s one of the reasons that Hike it Baby is so proud to partner with the National Park Trust. Together, we are seeking to provide places for kids to be loud, noisy, rambunctious and joyful. We firmly believe that every child should have access to the wonders that our landscape offers. The National Park Trust mission to encourage kids to “get out and go” has never been more important.

At Hike it Baby, our mission is to raise the next generation to love the outdoors. We can’t do that if our children are inside. The more we take our children outside, the more comfortable they are being outside. The more comfortable they are, the more they will want to go outside. Each little step that we take to encourage the habit of being outdoors and exploring the wilderness around us is a step in the right direction for our kids.

This Kids to Parks Day, join us on a hike. We will get dirty. The kids will be loud. We’ll jump in puddles or hop like a frog. We’ll run along beaches or roll down hills. We’ll take small children into the wilds on our backs. And something amazing will happen. Our children will thrive. They will love the smell of the dirt, the trees and the fresh air. Our children will run, jump and holler. They will burn off all the extra energy that seems to be created out of thin air.

And each time it happens they will fall more in love with this planet of ours. Come play outside. Come be loud.

Find Hike it Baby Kids to Parks Day events at kidstoparks.org. Check them out and register to be counted on Kids to Parks Day!

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