NPT Calls for Stringent Standards for September 11 Memorial


Washington, D.C. - The National Park Trust (NPT), America's only charity authorized by Congress to own and operate a unit of the national park system, called upon Congress to draft legislation that would create a September 11 memorial that meets the highest standards.

"Given the magnitude of the loss of life and sacrifices by people involved in the events of September 11, this memorial deserves careful study to ensure it meets the very highest standards meriting a unit of the national park system," said Paul C. Pritchard, President of the National Park Trust.

The National Park System has a set of clearly defined standards for establishing national memorials. Those standards deal with the significance, suitability, feasibility and management alternatives of a memorial.

"It is imperative we utilize that system of criteria to ensure future generations that we have properly recognized and honored the people and events of September 11," added Pritchard. "We all have a role in this public decision. The NPT's role will be to assure the American people that this public process is not abused by partisan or commercial influences."

The National Park Trust is the only land conservancy uniquely dedicated to preserving American's national system of parks, wildlife refuges, and historical monuments. More information about the National Park Trust and the September 11 Memorial initiative can be found at

Robin E. Pritchard
Public Affairs, NPT
(202) 548-0500

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