Kids To Parks Day Is Now Parks To Kids Day

COVID-19 has impacted everyone and has limited our ability to interact with our beloved national, local and state parks. With this in mind, National Park Trust has decided to take the 10th anniversary of Kids to Parks Day digital and instead celebrate May 16, 2020, as Parks to Kids Day–bringing a much-needed infusion of the outdoors to kids and families as they isolate at home and practice social distancing.

We know that this is not ideal, but we also know that together we can still support our communities during this challenging time. We encourage kids and families to continue your celebration and join us by bringing the parks home on May 16th.

Leading up to Parks to Kids Day, National Park Trust will be pulsing out numerous at-home activities and distance learning opportunities to help bring the outdoors and parks closer to home.

Visit for all the information.

Stay healthy and safe!

Grace Lee, Executive Director