• Kids to Parks Day

    Saturday, May 19, 2018
  • Kids to Parks Day

    Saturday, May 19, 2018
  • Kids to Parks Day

    Saturday, May 19, 2018

Kids to Parks Day Resources

  • Free Park Resources

    Print and go! Take these activities with you where ever you go: from your local city park – to your national park or any other public land and water. There is something here for you to use in every outdoor nature space!

  • Plan Your Park Trip


    This is a great time to involve kids in the process.
    They can research parks, topics and outdoor programs close to your home or their school. Search for local (city, county), state, or national parks, wildlife refuges or nature centers. Many park education programs align with Next Generation Science standards and Common Core Curriculum. Don’t forget to consider the season of the year, number of kids, and their age levels when deciding which park to visit. Some educational park programs are seasonal.


    The ranger or naturalist can help you set up a program for your group. Some programs charge a fee per student, so please factor this into your budget. Most national parks and wildlife refuges are fee-free for school groups. State parks may have an entrance fee that can be waived.


    If you are going with a school group, make sure buses are available and align with your school calendar. Book your bus well in advance of your trip.


    Complete any pre-assignments or research for the trip.
    Make sure your students have the appropriate clothing and footwear.
    Submit proper paper work to administrators; get permission slips and photo waivers signed.
    Book your school bus from approved bus companies. Make sure they have the correct address of the school and the park. Confirm pick up and return time.


    Please consider sharing your photos with National Park Trust. Send them to Billy Schrack, director of youth programs, at William@parktrust.org

    Photos that you send to NPT may be used in our printed or online materials. They may also be shared with our partners. If a photo release is necessary, we can provide you with a template. Please also send us student and teacher reflections about the trip.

    Questions? Please call Billy Schrack 301-279-7275 ex.17 or email William@parktrust.org.

  • Buddy Bison Stories

  • Get Your Every Kid in a Park Pass

    Hey 4th Graders! Get your Voucher for a free Every Kid in a Park pass to all federal public lands here. This year’s pass features a photo of our Buddy Bison kids.

    Get Your Pass Here