Melanie Miles

Melanie’s parents tell her that she was highly prone to disappearing into the woods as a small child only to return hours later happy and covered in dirt. She has always juggled a passion for conservation with a passion for language and cultural exchange, so there was no surprise when she joined both Youth Conservation Corps and a local English Language Tutors Society in early high school.

While attending George Mason University, Melanie worked as a part-time teacher/tutor, academic adviser, and full-time retail manager. She held two full-time seasonal positions in large-scale event coordination and studied Conservation & Parks Management in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Since graduating in 2015, Melanie has worked in both educational program coordination and direct facilitation, working with Project Peak, For Love of Children’s Outdoor Education Center, and Peace Corps Comoros. She has experience teaching in both experiential and traditional classroom settings on a range of topics.

Melanie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from George Mason University and is a Wilderness First Responder. She is fluent in a small language called Shindzuani, which allows her to comprehend some Swahili and French.

As an Education Coordinator, Melanie works at National Park Trust to organize educational programs across the country for schools and parks in DC, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and several other states.