LWCF Highlighted by Department of the Interior as Fund Marks 50th Anniversary

Earlier this month, Secretary Sally Jewell and the Department of the Interior (DOI) celebrated "Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Week" to publicize the importance of LWCF and the Obama Administration's commitment to reauthorization and full funding of the program. The Fund marks its 50th anniversary on July 23 – the date on which the LWCF Act passed the House of Representatives 50 years ago.

Why should the LWCF matter to you? The importance of the LWCF can't be understated. Congress established the Fund to invest in our nation’s land, water and wildlife heritage. Using a fraction of offshore oil and gas revenues, the Fund creates parks – from ball fields to trails to open spaces; provides access for hunting and fishing; preserves habitats for wildlife, important water sources, and historic sites; funds conservation efforts; and benefits local economies.

Several of NPT's recent parkland acquisition projects including those that benefited Glacier National Park (MT) and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park (GA) were accomplished thanks to resources from LWCF.

The mission of the LWCF is so important that Congress earmarked $900 million for this Fund. So the parks are all set right???? Not so fast. Unfortunately, LWCF has only been fully funded once in 50 years and is set to expire if Congress doesn’t renew the program.

If the Fund expires or continues to be underfunded, many of our parks, public lands and water, and wildlife habitats will be directly impacted. President Obama has joined the Secretary and LWCF Coalition's fight and has called for full funding, as part of a promise to the American people to protect our outdoor heritage. You can do your part by following the Secretary and the LWCF Coalition on Facebook and Twitter (#ParksForAll or #LWCF). 

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