Protecting Rocky Mountain National Park

National Park Trust (NPT), in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Conservancy and The Wilderness Land Trust joined forces recently to help make Rocky Mountain National Park just a little more “wild.” A 12.5-acre private inholding located in the Wild Basin area was on sale for only the second time in 75 years. Wild Basin is a popular hiking destination for park visitors with breathtaking views of wilderness, rushing mountain streams, numerous cascades, and waterfalls. By acquiring this property, 33 total acres of wilderness will be added to the park when the existing access road and cabin are removed.

The last critical piece of funding of $150,000 was provided to NPT by The Barrett Family Foundation who have a special connection to the park. “Living in Boulder we are fortunate to have Rocky Mountain National Park at our doorstep,” stated Richard Barrett of The Barrett Family Foundation. “Our youngest daughter had her wedding at the gateway to the park where wild turkeys and deer were part of the ambiance. Wild Basin with the North St. Vrain River flowing through it is one of those unspoiled, enchanting, wilderness areas of the park that was best left unspoiled by the presence of a mountain cabin.”

Park Superintendent Darla Sidles added, “We are extremely grateful to Rocky Mountain Conservancy, The Wilderness Land Trust and National Park Trust for acquiring this private piece of land inside the park. This is a gift that will live on forever as protected wilderness.”

To learn more about this project or to get involved with our park preservation efforts, contact our Park Project Director Phil Selleck

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