Solar Panels Gifted to Channel Islands National Park

Santa Rosa Island. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service.)

National Park Trust’s park projects are generally focused on land acquisition. However, when a park is in need and NPT has a partner that can help, sometimes we “step out of the box” to assist the park. This is what happened recently at Santa Rosa Island, one of the 5 islands that make up Channel Islands National Park (CA). The islands are too remote to get power from mainland California and Santa Rosa was in need of new photovoltaic cells (solar panels). Because of our strong partnership with the park and First Solar, NPT is able to help provide a reliable, year-round power source for the island, eliminating recurring blackouts and power-use restrictions.

Thanks to the First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation, 175 solar panels were donated to the park and will be installed to fully upgrade and replace the island’s existing system. The new panels use the same footprint as the old system but will increase the power capacity by over 100%. We will update you on the project’s progress in upcoming issues of NPT News.

To learn more about NPT’s park projects visit our website or contact Phil Selleck, park projects director, at (301) 279-7275 ext. 14.

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