The Search for Moose in Rocky Mountain National Park

My parents, Buddy Bison, and I have always wanted to see a moose. We would search every place, in every park, that had them, but we never saw them. That is, until this summer.

At the beginning of the summer we made plans to visit Colorado and Utah to check out their National Parks. I asked a few people where I could find moose, and they all said Rocky Mountain National Park. Buddy and I couldn’t wait to finally see our moose. When we got to the Park, we were greeted by our friends @naturetechfamily. They told us that the west side of the park was the best place to find moose.

@NatureTechFam and the Nahabedians in Rocky Mountain National Park

The next day, we began our journey by heading over the mountains. On the way, we found one creature that we hadn’t expected, the yellow-bellied marmot. The marmot is an interesting creature because it will just lie down in the middle of the road and wait until a car is right next to it before it leisurely moves off the road.

A yellow bellied marmot in Rocky Mountain National Park

Later in the day, we finally got to the other side of the mountain and took a look at the huge meadows—perfect moose country.

We quickly made our way to the visitor center to ask if any of the rangers had seen a moose. As soon as we got there, an excited visitor walked in and told us that there was a moose right along the trail outside the visitor center. We immediately set out to see if the moose was still there. After walking down the trail a bit, I saw what looked like a big patch of tall grass. I looked closer at it and realized that it was the moose resting on the ground! The moose stood up and started eating the leaves of a bush and surrounding trees and then walked a little bit closer to us. We noticed this and started to slowly back away, we wanted to make sure to stay a safe distance. The moose then decided to start eating the bush next to the trail we were on.  We had time to watch and enjoy this amazing animal and took many pictures. On our hike back, we all had huge smiles, we had finally finished our quest to find a moose.

A moose in Rocky Mountain National Park