Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (TX)

At Lake Meredith National Recreation Area (TX), National Park Trust worked to preserve an archaeological area containing evidence of the Antelope Creek people, a Native American tribe. The 3-acre property is part of a contiguous area of prehistoric and archaeological resources dating back more than 13,000 years. In addition to evidence of the Antelope Creek people, the recreation area’s cultural resources consist of village sites and approximately 700 quarry pits and 552 archaeological sites. These cultural resources, combined with various natural mesa views and a naturally occurring seasonal spring and recreational opportunities for the area’s visitors are important resources to be protected by the purchase of these remaining inholdings.

The acquisition and donation of these properties enhanced the open space and views of a nearby trail, and the enjoyment of individuals who hike to the mesa in which the parcel is located. Purchasing these parcels completed the final pieces of landscape connectivity within the park and gain land management efficiencies through the designation that there are no further inholdings or private landowners within the recreation area. Everything within the legislated boundaries is considered complete and final per the original vision and intent of Congress.

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